Our new site

At Nexgen we have always developed our business by referral. As such, a website has been a second thought in the past. With the growth of online technology and ease of accessing information, we have decided to take the next step into providing our clients with service that truly fits this and the Next Generation. 

Some of the features of our site include;

  • Easy to understand information about insurance products for Individuals & Familes, Employee Groups, Business Owners and Executives

  • Simply select "CONTACT" to request a consultation. An individual or group insurance specialist would be pleased to contact you to answer your insurance questions.
  • "LINKS" page - for easy access to commonly used websites, tools, calculators and information 
  • Sign up for our informational Updates by clicking the "CONTACT" button.  You choose what YOU want information on and when we find something of value about it, we'll pass it on to you! The latest on products, tax issues and legislative issues will be sent directly to your inbox.

  • Currently under development for Nexgen clients is our FlexGen calculator and enrolment form. Our unique FlexGen Benefits program allows businesses of nearly any size to have the benefit flexibility and options that were previously only available to the "BIG" guys! Stay tuned for this revolutionary development! You and your employees will choose your benefit options annually and make your selection and submission online. 

  • Future devlopment will see our Nexgen client information access portal. With this next level of service, Nexgen clients will have access to their personal and business insurance coverage information directly from our website.