Non-Traditional Benefit Options

Group Benefit Plans can encompass a variety of traditional and non-traditional insurance product offerings.

Nexgen specializes in working with you to determine what type of plan offering is best for YOUR company.

Some employers have opened up their plans to include both Traditional and Non-Traditional benefit options.
Typically, the majority of non-traditional benefit options have only been made available to large employers (over 500 employees).

Nexgen has now developed a plan that can offer nearly any sized employer access to a vast array of insurance product options, including non-traditional benefits.

Non-Traditional options can include some or all of the following benefits:

  • Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)
    • Employer funded account that is non-taxable to the employee that can cover CRA approved medical or dental items which are either ineligible or not fully covered by traditional insurance plan
  • Personal Spending Account (PSA)
    • Employer funded account that is taxable to the employee that can cover HCSA items PLUS non-medical/dental items such as club memberships, sports equipment etc. as deemed eligible by the employer
  • Retirement Savings or Pension Plans
  • Diagnostic & Specialist Access Insurance (DSAI)
    • Coverage to deliver expedited access to diagnostic services and specialist appointments
    • Pays for expedited diagnostic services (MRI & CT scans)
  • Group Critical Illness
    • Lump sum, tax-free benefit payable to an individual who suffers an eligible illness and survives for a prescribed period of time
  • Group and Individual Long Term Care
    • Income benefit payable if the insured person is dependent and needs someone to assist them with two or more of the  activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, transferring, continence), or requires supervision because of deteriorating mental ability
  • Medical Second Opinion Services ie.
    • Best Doctors
    • World Care
  • International Benefits
    • Ex-Patriot coverage
    • In-Patriot coverage
    • Third-Party Nationals coverage
    • Medical Access Insurance (MAI)
  • Travel Insurance coverage
    • Business Travel
    • Individual and Family Travel coverage top-up/extension
    • International Student coverage
    • Visitors to Canada coverage
  • Special Risk coverage – for industries or persons in higher risk occupations or locations