Traditional Group Benefits

Group Benefit Plans can encompass a variety of traditional and non-traditional insurance product offerings. 

Nexgen specializes in developing a benefit plan that is best suited to YOUR company. Some of the traditional group benefits are;

  • Group Life insurance
  • Dependent Life insurance
  • Accident & Sickness or Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance
  • Short Term Disability insurance
  • Long Term Disability insurance
  • Extended/Supplemental Health Care insurance
  • Dental Care insurance
  • Vision Care insurance

These benefits serve as a valuable base of coverage for you and your employees. 

Some of the advantages that group benefits offer are;

  • They can provide coverage for all eligible employees regardless of their health status
  • They can provide health & dental benefit levels in excess of what can be purchased on and individual basis
  • They can allow employees to access coverage at no cost to themselves
  • They can provide some benefits on a tax preferred basis
  • All costs for employee benefits are tax deductible to the employer/plan sponsor
Historically, small to mid-sized employers have been limited by the marketplace to the largely traditional benefit offerings.  Nexgen has now developed a plan that can give access to both traditional and non-traditional products for companies of nearly any size.