The Nexgen Approach to Group Benefits

At Nexgen, we don't believe that only BIG companies can have premium quality benefit programs.

We have the ability to combine traditional, non-traditional and individual products to provide unparalleled flexibility within your compensation and benefits package whether you have 5 employees or 500!

There are many reasons why an employer chooses to sponsor a benefit program. Each employer needs to determine their reasons based on corporate philosophy, budget and objectives. The development and understanding of your particular philosophy is important in designing a program that fulfills your specified goals. Once your philosophy has been determined, Nexgen will guide you through the steps of building and supporting your compensation and benefits package.

A creative and cooperative approach

You may have been told, "I can get that for you for 10-20% less...just sign here". We could tell you that too, but we prefer to listen first, and talk second. Our goal is not to just provide short-term fixes, but to guide our clients through a process that will offer a long-term strategy for their corporate compensation package. Nexgen will work with you to:

  • Coach and assist you in developing your particular benefits philosophy
  • Identify your company risk tolerance
  • Understand and develop a strategy for tax efficient compensation
  • Guide you to identify your compensation budget
  • Provide a level of flexibility for you benefits offering that you simply will NOT find elsewhere
  • Identify the appropriate insurance and service providers that best suit your needs
  • Provide full benefits training sessions for your employees
  • Integrate group and individual coverage to more fully cover employer and employee risks
  • Provide ongoing information, communication and support for you and your employees

Benefits foster and promote a healthy work force and contribute to improved morale, productivity and efficiency.

Benefit plans do not come without a cost, however, and it is important that you as the plan sponsor understand the funding mechanisms, and that the objectives of the benefit plan are included as part of a total compensation strategy. 

We can help you unravel the mystery of providing group benefits for your employees and answer all those questions that others tend to avoid, like;
  • How do I know if I am getting the best value for my benefit dollars?
  • How is the price determined?
  • How can I provide tax efficient coverage?
  • How can I get plan flexibility if I have a company with less than 100, or 50 or 20 employees?
  • How do I help my employees to understand and appreciate the benefit plan?
  • How do we pay for this?
  • How can we control skyrocketing costs?
  • Ok, you've sold me...will I ever see you again?