Business Owners and Partnerships

Whether you are a sole owner or in a partnership, you have concerns that require a combination of solutions. At Nexgen, we connect you to products and services that protect you, and the people that keep your business moving forward. 


Nexgen specializes in;
  • Providing business owners with comprehensive advisory services to;
    • Review yours and your company's current insurance levels - both group and individual
    • Identify any gaps or redundancies in coverage
    • Identify opportunities for tax reductions
    • Offer Group Benefits analysis, design and implementation
  • Providing access to a wide array of both traditional and non-traditional insurance products (See Executive Benefit Packages and Employee Benefits)
  • Connecting business owners with specialists in multiple disciplines ie. Legal, accounting, Human Resources

The Nexgen team will evaluate your needs and offer solutions that protect the your company's most valued's people.