Long Term Care Benefits

An injury or illness can happen to you at any time. More than one out of every ten people who has received income from their long term care insurance was under age 50 at the time of their claim.

Long Term Care Insurance pays an income benefit if the insured person is dependent and needs someone to assist them with two or more of the activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, transferring) or requires supervision because of deteriorating mental ability. A wide variety of illnesses and accidents can cause you to need this kind of care.

The most common reasons for dependency resulting in payment of long term care claims are:
  • 37% - Injury
  • 26% - Cancer
  • 10% - Surgery
  • 8% - Other
  • 6% - Stroke
  • 6% - Deteriorating Mental Ability
  • 4% - Multiple Cause
  • 3% - Cardiovascular
This benefit is available on either an individual or group basis.